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Network outage

November 17, 2022 at 12:19 AM UTC

Shared Dedicated

Resolved after 3h 52m of downtime. November 17, 2022 at 4:11 AM UTC

Fully resolved from what we can gauge, if any issues linger do reach out via [email protected] We’ll reach out to those impacted with the full root cause & steps to mitigate it permanently.

Current updates: The datacenter is actively moving equipment to another PDU, which should bring the remaining services online.

Earlier updates: One PDU has returned to service & elements of our fleet are booting up we should have further updates momentarily — (01:31 UTC — Nov 17)

Initial update: We’re working on it, it appears a standard bit of maintenance tripped the breaker in a rack taking our gear offline. We’ll have updates as soon as feasible, as well as details on mitigating this moving forward. — (12:20 UTC — Nov 17)

Last updated: November 17, 2022 at 4:24 AM UTC